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Our dear customer/

Our Target is to be a discerning customer and the discerning wonderful printing on your products and we are pleased to increase your company's sales as a result of print quality
Honor "#Gamma Electronics" company providing printing and coding best machines and the latest ink-jet printing and laser Fiber & CO2 ways ... to all products manufactured from plastic, metal, wood, paper, glass ores ... and all-purpose industrial (production history and Expire date - bar -QR Code Letters code - logos and images .... mono and multi-color with a print one.
Printers which are made in :( Canada -Taiwan – China)

Featuring "#Gamma Electronics" company:
* The availability of machines and laser ink Inventories present in our stores.
* Quality machines High-voltage and speed in excess of 250 m / min in the CIJ printers and speed of 45 m / s in Printers
high-resolution. And the speed of 18 m / s Laser..
* Competitive prices and very appropriate
* Aftermarket very unique experience and service efficiency and speed of response to the treatment of faults.
* The availability of spare parts and inks and solvents, high quality and competitive prices.
And honor the company "#Gamma Electronics" providing the latest technology in the field of printing and coding and coding on all kinds of products ...

Laser printing Co 2 and FIBER FLY LASER
• This technology is characterized by splendid by its stability on the products and the difficulty of removing even in extreme weather conditions from the heat of the sun and rain, and others.
• High-speed printing of up to more than 12 m / min clearly distinct and precise.
• Machine of Aluminum Compatible means of 3D body movement
• The ease of writing and drawing to the atmosphere via computer clearly quickly and accurately using high Screen Color Touch screen colors Control 7 "
• difficulty printing tradition or logo on a product to rival company (product footprint (.
• The possibility of printing on a dual production line or four pipes with a print one.
• Without any operating expenses or inks and solvents and the lowest cost for maintenance after a very long periods of work up to (50 thousand - 120 thousand operating hours).
• The availability of all free spare parts which are necessary for the machines during the warranty against manufacturing defects period.
• Our maintenance team of engineers and technicians to cover the installation, training and after-sales in a very distinctive "#Gamma Electronics" company.
Thanks to God, many of which have been selling in Egypt and Saudi Arabia over the past five years without any complaints, thank God.